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DraftCraft's 'Go Ganesha!' Screenings @ Gulbai Tekra

The 'StopWatch' Shows held immediately after Ganesh Visarjans, in local mandirs and at a nearby Rain Basera (night shelter) helped, as usual, to boost the camaraderie so symbolic of the Bawres who gather in hundreds each time we put up a white chaddar to double up as a make-shift screen or focus our projections of their works on a dimly-lit wall of a hut to showcase images of their creations.
The young dance with wild abandon; their women giggle unable to conceal their excitement and the community's elders huddle together with pride as they identify each murti made over the days and sold. The Bawres will create, once again, as is their right; Murtis of the Devi, with Navratri being around the corner; And, DraftCraft will document, as is ours in the 'Love, Life, Law' Series.